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You do not know the magical effect of Marlboro cigarettes

You do not know the magical effect of Marlboro cigarettes

We all know that smoking is harmful to health, but do you know that Marlboro cigarettes also has its benefits? As the saying goes, a cigarette after a meal, happy like a fairy. Smoking is characteristic of the man,which makes many people find the reason for smoking, but it is only to escape the condemnation of others. However, such a dislike of cigarettes, there are many small magical ! I promise you don't know this, come and see!

1, drink tea with tobacco is good for quit smoking. The tobacco placed in the cup, pour boiling water, after cooling and drink. At that time there may be some feeling you want to vomit, but used to quit work wonders. 2. the skin is pierced with tobacco sticking wound can stop bleeding and relieve pain. 3, take the cigarette ashes on the toes wet itch, can cure itching blisters between the toes. 4, people have foot odor, usable water butts bubble insole, to be dried before insole into the shoe shop wearing, you can prevent foot odor. 5, skin itching, can be a handful of cigarette ashes placed in a small cup, drop a few drops of water into a paste, spreads in the affected area can relieve itching. 6, after the mosquito bites, itchy skin, it is desirable to put cigarette ash cup, add a few drops of water into a paste, rub in mosquito bites, which can itch detoxification. 7, treat gall bladder sores, with pipe down oil a small group, or pumped through the filter 3, with the amount of water and mix thoroughly, coating the affected area three times a day, once every 3 to 5 days recovery. 8, the skin is water burns without ulceration, the tobacco shred into cold water after soaking and then spread burn wounds,and constantly dripping keep tobacco moist, after half an hour can be swelling and pain. 9, 1 portion of tobacco, water 20 together into the pot cook for 1 hour, remove tobacco, use this water, rub the affected area can treatment of human and livestock mange. 10,stripping out the rest of the cigarette tobacco, and threw in the toilet around, both deodorant, but also deworming insects. 11,the cigarette butts soaked in 1 to 2 days, with this water gardening, both pest control, but also to improve soil quality. 12, cigarette filters can be used to clean the capstan recorder. Dipped in alcohol to cigarette filters, insert sets the capstan shaft, about 2 minutes, press the forward button or rewind button, while rotating the capstan, and the filtered mouth pulling down several times, leading shaft dirt namely alcohol dissolves, and adsorption in the filter mouth. This filter is then taken away, the other to take a clean filter, repeat the above operation, will be able to dominate the axis of dirt removed. 13,tobacco leaf or tobacco small fire burned, ground into powder, with rice and a small amount of vinegar and mix thoroughly, pour in a cardboard container or flat, into the places where the flies, flies after taking this bait, it It will be poisoned to death. 14, together with detergent and cigarette butts on the water, let dissolve after, brought scrub windows, screens, better decontamination effect. 15, with the fire board face of the tea table, the use of a long time, often will leave a piece of tea and hot marks. Can be in the table to sprinkle some water, used in the cigarette box foil wipe back and forth, and then water wash, will be able to tea stains and very hot mark wash. 16, the bronze patina, polished with sandpaper or stainless steel scrap, clean ball, wipe, will scratch products. You can wipe with a cigarette foil dipped in salt, can wipe the shiny patina bronze. Or with Marlboro cigarette butts cleaning, can wash the old as the new "bright and clean". 17, the 10 cigarette butts drink served in a common bottle, store tightly into the water for 3 days, with the water sprayed on the flowers, can be pest control, anti-ant, but also improve soil quality, can also be sprayed on cotton plants, spider mite control, if a large area of pest control, according to the cook 10 cigarette butts 1 pound of water ratio. 18, bathroom toilet after fouling difficult to clean, if with a plastic brush dipped in cigarette butts water to clean it , dirt can easily be removed. 19, wiping rings, silk cigarette ash and vegetable oil 1: 1 mix, clean gold jewelry, can be polished golden. 20, Storage peanut. Put one or two cigarettes in a container of peanut or plastic bag, seal the top, not to leak. This storage peanuts will not be moth eaten in three years. 21,the book slot sprinkle ash, can prevent insects. 22,the butts of tobacco in reserve, hens per week to one tablespoon of mix drinks in feeding chickens can get rid of parasites, but also increase the amount of chicken egg. 23, deworming cigarette butts, cigarette butts evenly into the sterile pigeonhole 7 to 10, each sterile replaced once a pigeon cigarette butts. The smell of cigarette butts so volatile parasite survival in the pigeonhole of difficulty, to bring youngsters pigeon and quiet at night.

These days, turning waste into treasure,that is too much,even cigarettes is a precious. Really enlightened, a look surprised, there are so many magical effect of Marlboro cigarettes! You remember a couple of it? Maybe in the future, you can try it.

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