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Newport Menthol Cigarettes are toxic fumes

Newport Menthol Cigarettes are toxic fumes
Almost all the people know smoking is harmful to health, you buy Newport Menthol cigarettes, each pack are smoking is harmful to health logo, but some people is unstoppable cigarettes temptation. What is more every day will smoke a pack of even a few packets of cigarettes.At present, about 1 billion smokers in the world, about 4 million people die each year from diseases caused by tobacco products. But a lot of people just know that smoking is harmful, but it is not intuitive and profound understanding of what harm, so only to be lucky, unscrupulous. Now let's take a look at the dangers of cheap cigarettes.

How does it affect our lungs? Do you know smokers lungs and non-smokers lungs difference? The lungs of the people who smoke are black. The Cheap Newport cigarettes burning will release many poisonous chemicals, smoke tar and nicotine and carbon monoxide. The lung is loose and porous structure of a moist, open like a sponge. This structure can easily absorb dust, in the process of smoking, smoke tar, nicotine and other toxic substances from the respiratory tract into the lung.Through the respiratory tract, these toxic substances will stimulate the bronchial mucous membrane, so that the mucus secretion increased, in the form of sputum clearing part of toxic substances, so smokers phlegm. The remaining smoke tar, nicotine, etc., will enter the lungs. These toxic substances can activate a white blood cell called the phagocytic cells. The phagocytic cells will devour the toxic substances such as tar and tar, but can not be the metabolism of it. Over time, smoke tar will be deposited in the lung, leading to fibrosis, not only to the lung, but also hard. However, interesting is that we see a smoker's lungs is hard and black,but the nonsmokers ' lung with silk strands of black, people can not help but feel confused. This is what we usually mean by secondhand smoke or caused by polluted air. In life, we intentionally or unintentionally will always inhale different levels of secondhand smoke, especially in crowded places, such as stations, chess and card room, and so on, someone smoking, not avoid inhaling toxic fumes. For your family's health, and more of her body, called on the members of the society, from today on no smoking.

Smoking not only makes the lungs turn black, also cause many diseases. Lung cancer is the most dreaded disease of the lungs, in some countries, was the highest mortality rate of lung cancer tumors. The experimental investigation confirmed that smokers are 25 times more likely to develop lung cancer than non-smokers. In addition, the probability of smokers with chronic bronchitis, pulmonary emphysema, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases were significantly increased. There are also studies reported that smoking will reduce the life of about 10 minutes, so to speak, smoking Newport Cigarette is the toxic fumes, Burns is life!To advocate no smoking behavior, set up around the smoke-box, we hope more people can be involved in action to abandon the cigarette, keep yourself and your family from toxic smoke!

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