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Newport Cigarettes and his girlfriend, who is important?

Newport Cigarettes and his girlfriend, who is important?
A lot of people don't like to find a boyfriend who smoking, because smoking is harmful to health, and it smells very bad. But some times, men have to smoke Newport Cigarettes or Marlboro light Cigarettes, because of the friend's party, social intercourse and so on some activities, will be related to smoking. At this time, some female friends will be very unhappy, angry with her boyfriend. and Sometimes, because her boyfriend secretly smoking behind her back, which led to a lot of contradictions. Also, smoking is a waste of money. However, we all know that smoking is not good, smoking is harmful to health, but there are still a lot of people still smoke, which makes a lot of women friends think they are not important, but in Men's opinion, this is how to measure it?

This of course varies from person to person, and some people like cheap cigarettes more than their girlfriend. Some people think that as long as the boyfriend did not take the initiative to smoke, and the number of smoking is very few, it does not matter, it can be worth to forgive. Other people say: a girlfriend should respect her boyfriend, don't deprive him of his hobbies. Some people say, girlfriends and wholesale Newport cigarettes is simply two different things, not on a par, Smoke is the spiritual food, his girlfriend is a heart, the physiological pillar, can not talk altogether. However, some people also believe that the girlfriend is more important, because the girlfriend is likely to be your wife, the smoke is actually not so important. See these points, what do you think? Do you still quarrel with your boyfriend or break up with your boyfriend because of smoking?

I think as long as not particularly serious addiction that people are acceptable, because they can control themselves not smoking in front of you and his family, try to avoid. Of course, if he can give up smoking Newport Menthol Cigarettes for you, that's the best. But if his addiction are particularly serious. I would not be able to accept, because of super body is not good, but also affect the family's health, but also affect the next generation. Meanwhile, the smoke also spend a lot of money. For a cigarette is an important or girlfriend is more important to this problem, it should be everyone's mind is not the same, because they have their own reasons, as long as there is a balance between the couple, the problem is no longer the contradiction between the two people. Girlfriend can not because her smoking boyfriend is going to break up with him, and the boyfriend can not because he likes to ignore his girlfriend's health and often smoke cigarettes, we must learn to control themselves, to find a best way to get along, this is the best solution. Anyway, two people together happy is the most important thing!

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