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Do you know the shelf life of Newport 100s Cigarettes?

Do you know the shelf life of Newport 100s Cigarettes?

About Newport 100s Cigarettes,there is shelf life or not? It seems that we are not very clear about this problem. As everyone knows, go super buy fruits and vegetables, rice, paper towels, cosmetics items are clearly marked shelf-life. By viewing the shelf life information, we can ensure that the best quality of the product before consumption. And the only cigarette this product is not marked shelf life, whether it is a single package to buy, or the whole purchase; nor is it in the grocery store, super monopoly. Then the shelf life of cigarettes there for how long? What is preservation methods cigarettes? Heavy smoker tell you!

"Cigarette is a production date, but not easy to see." According to the Newport 100s cigarettes factory, a senior technical staff, regular cigarette factory in the box and product certificate will clearly mark the specific production date, and in each and every box of cigarettes, most manufacturers are not clearly marked, the Department in charge of national tobacco in this regard not uniform provisions. As in all aspects of the tobacco industry producers, operators and quality of supervision and monitoring professionals generally know cigarette specific production date, only as "smokers" consumers couldn't be learned. At present, there is no one brand of cigarettes will be marked shelf life, in the USA,they are not marked shelf life. Although the package did not clearly indicate the information on the shelf life, but this does not mean that the cigarette is never expired. In fact, the use of tobacco leaf roll made of cigarettes, also has a shelf life. It is understood that the regular cigarette factory production of cigarettes, the factory will be in the production date of the outer carton, the production date can be calculated by the corresponding shelf life. Generally speaking, the shelf life of cigarettes is about one or two years, but because of the difference between the storage environment, the shelf life of cigarettes will be different. For example, in the high temperature and humidity environment, after a summer of cigarettes will be spoiled, and in the dry cold area, cigarettes shelf life of up to 2 years or more, if the shelf life of the refrigerator is more than a few years, and even 10 years. Of course, the time limit for the shelf life of cigarettes,only to the whole of unopened cigarettes. For a single pack of cigarettes has been opened, the best smoked as soon as possible. Furthermore, since the cigarette in the distribution segment, the outer carton has been lost, it may be some dealers are unaware of their date of manufacture of cigarettes sold, which recommended that newly purchased cigarettes should also be sucking soon as possible. Cigarettes are a very complex product, its length of storage time varies depending on the storage environment and there is a big difference. The same brand of cigarettes in the country north and south might have a different shelf life. For example, in a high temperature humidity south, only after a summer of cigarette stem silk aging, full of moisture absorption, change from day to day, it is easy to mold; and in the dry and cold north, cigarette shelf-life can for several years. Cigarette in the dry environment stored properly can be kept for two years, after the factory cigarettes in general to in the warehouse after about 10 days time of aging, and then enter the market, after the dealer finally reach the hands of consumers, the real good sales brand cigarettes in the hands of dealers stranded one or two years time is almost impossible, smoke large mildew are kept in the hands of consumers caused by improper. Although tobacco through special processing, but also to prevent infestation, be sure to sell out quickly, not in the warehouse save for a long time. If a person has a small amount of cigarettes temporarily not to smoke, it is best not to open the package. If you are in the house, put it in the fridge. The storage time of ordinary cigarettes is best not more than two years, because even if there is no deterioration of the cigarette, the taste is also to change, quality is greatly reduced. Also if you to buy a cigarette with a slight mildew and other quality problems, within a short period of time has every right to demand goods returned to the merchant, and businesses can recover to the wholesalers.

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