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Not how to sell Newport cigarettes, but to help customers buy ch

Not how to sell Newport cigarettes, but to help customers buy cheap cigarettes

Fast forward to the end of 2015, my Newport and Marlboro cigarettes shop has survived for 20 years. In the years to harvest a lot, but also a lot of lessons. First of all, my shop is their own house, removed from the facade, and the rest are profitable. Since the beginning of the use of myself house to open a tobacco shop,don't have to pay rent, just into the tally, the feeling is very simple, but this is not the case, to take our cigarette shop, is also quite difficult.With our business experience in recent years, to do a good job in the sale of cigarettes must have enough confidence and strong strength.

With the tremendous changes in economic development, in the cigarette business is booming today, along with the relevant national tobacco control policies, trends in Newport and Marlboro cigarettes market is also experiencing unprecedented cold, coupled with surrounding businesses as well as counterparts in promoting price competition, which will undoubtedly bring some trouble to us retailers.If you want to win, you must play brand their products, must be strict purchasing channels, wholesale Newport cigarettes are not something else, must ensure the quality, must be genuine, must not be defective, deceptive cheat their customers. Let customers come to the store to buy a good, real and affordable cigarettes.In daily sales, to maintain good relationship with customers, to listen to the views of customers, even if it is wrong, we have to accept calmly. Because he is our God, God is not to be bullied. If the client says your cigarette stores are too expensive, you should stick to one of the smiling answer: Yes,your opinion is good.To prove that you are on the product of high grade.You can also shop around, come back to buy, and never let you lose.If the customer says your packaging quality poor, you have to hold the smile Answer: Yes, you're quite right, I will convey your comments to dealers, allowing them to be improved.If your customers say your product publicity is not good enough,you have to hold the smile Answer: Yes, your opinion I will be very open-minded to adopt.Practice has proved that, through these tactful words, to narrow the distance between me and the customer, reduce the conflicts with customers.So as to be beneficial to others and us, customers will not refuse our goods, but also will not refuse our service, will only refuse indifference and mediocrity. Our retail customers can change their thinking, if you are a customer, if you encounter a salesman's attitude is tough or cold, we will refuse to buy his goods.For example, there is a customer to the store to buy cheap Marlboro Red cigarettes, because he is a stranger, so the difference between the area of cigarettes, smoking people's tastes are different, you have to explain to him,first of all to sell the local tobacco, and vigorously promote the benefits of our cigarettes and preferential policies, so that the guests are very satisfied with our products, has become our repeat customers.In addition,some foreigners often visit the shop,I'll take some of the brands of cigarettes for export to sell to them, so that foreign visitors to understand the benefits of this cigarette, tell them some simple knowledge, such as this smoke taste is very pure, tar and nicotine cigarette smoke is very low, it is suitable for them smoke. Therefore, foreign teachers and students here like to come to my store to buy wholesale Newport 100s cigarettes, to let them know that I am not doing business, I am helping them to buy things. That is to say: "the sale is not to sell, it is to help the customer to buy".

Whether selling Cheap cigarettes or merchandise goods, not shoddy. Have a good reputation to be in an invincible position, good reputation is hard to pay for the month after month and year after year. Now to the end of the year, I also contributed to a business deal, the neighbor's son married,they buy All Newport cigarettes and Marlboro Cigarettes from us.So, I also want to say: we must keep good relationship with customers as a retail customer. Contacts is the money, the relationship is strength. The more people who come to the shopping, the more we have closer ties. This is also a rare sales model, through a good network of relationships to a large extent improve the sales of goods in my shop.

2 lies about Marlboro cigarettes

2 lies about Marlboro cigarettes

A few days ago, fog and haze in Beijing, there is a joke to say the rate of occurrence of lung cancer will increase as a straight line.So the incidence of lung cancer is really in direct proportion with the fog and haze? According to experts, the haze of lung damage should not be overlooked,but the haze comes, when we go out as long as the wear anti-dust masks, ie N90 or N95 masks, they can play a good role in the anti-haze.The wholesale Marlboro cigarette and lung cancer incidence rate is directly related, that is to say, the impact of smoking is greater, only to completely quit smoking, can greatly reduce the incidence of lung cancer. So, what is the most effective way to give up smoking? People realize what mistakes about the ways to quit?

Someone said, you can use filter cigarette holder, filter cigarette holder can filter out the nicotine in cigarettes and harmful particles, but this way only prolonged the time of onset of smokers.Also, use the filtering mouthpiece during the smoking process, which does not meet smokers, it will make a lot of smokers to increase the amount of suction and inlet, thereby obtaining more satisfaction,but this increase in harmful substances through the respiratory tract around into the lungs, leading to a high incidence of peripheral lung cancer. Treatment of peripheral lung cancer tend to open the chest or minimally invasive surgery as a cure, and difficult, higher treatment costs. So filter cigarette holder can not fundamentally solve the problem of people quit smoking, but may be due to not meet the smokers ,and then increase the amount of smoking.Some people say that smoking low-tar Marlboro light cigarettes, experts point out that businesses actually advertised low tar is actually detected by machines results, this way when there are gaps on the mouthpiece into the drawbacks of reduced smoke content in the air, and in fact in the process of smoking cigarettes holder spaces is on lips wrapped, so Inhalation of the smoke concentration is much higher than the test concentration. Also, smokers of tobacco dependence is actually based on the content of nicotine,when the tar content reduction makes the smokers' pleasure of the slow, in the individual's smoking cessation awareness is not strong, there may lead to the increase in the amount of smokers get pleasure, so low tar "lies" can not control the total amount of tobacco harm to smokers. Finally, smoking cessation clinic is a scientific and reliable choice. Now a lot of people who give up smoking, Now many smokers, by going to smoking cessation clinic or telephone guidance to quit smoking, has successfully helped a lot of people quit smoking habits for many years. Studies have pointed out the risk of up to 10 years if smoking cessation, smokers suffering from lung cancer is only 1.9 times normal, and therefore scientific medicine to quit smoking is very necessary.

We now know that the 2 big lies about Marlboro cigarettes online, have you learned something useful knowledge?We are only concerned about their own health, through scientific quit smoking will be better lives, and will also greatly reduce the incidence of lung cancer. We should vigorously promote smoking cessation clinic, so that more people are aware of the benefits of quitting smoking Marlboro gold cigarettes, but also make social harmony.

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