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2 lies about Marlboro cigarettes

2 lies about Marlboro cigarettes

A few days ago, fog and haze in Beijing, there is a joke to say the rate of occurrence of lung cancer will increase as a straight line.So the incidence of lung cancer is really in direct proportion with the fog and haze? According to experts, the haze of lung damage should not be overlooked,but the haze comes, when we go out as long as the wear anti-dust masks, ie N90 or N95 masks, they can play a good role in the anti-haze.The wholesale Marlboro cigarette and lung cancer incidence rate is directly related, that is to say, the impact of smoking is greater, only to completely quit smoking, can greatly reduce the incidence of lung cancer. So, what is the most effective way to give up smoking? People realize what mistakes about the ways to quit?

Someone said, you can use filter cigarette holder, filter cigarette holder can filter out the nicotine in cigarettes and harmful particles, but this way only prolonged the time of onset of smokers.Also, use the filtering mouthpiece during the smoking process, which does not meet smokers, it will make a lot of smokers to increase the amount of suction and inlet, thereby obtaining more satisfaction,but this increase in harmful substances through the respiratory tract around into the lungs, leading to a high incidence of peripheral lung cancer. Treatment of peripheral lung cancer tend to open the chest or minimally invasive surgery as a cure, and difficult, higher treatment costs. So filter cigarette holder can not fundamentally solve the problem of people quit smoking, but may be due to not meet the smokers ,and then increase the amount of smoking.Some people say that smoking low-tar Marlboro light cigarettes, experts point out that businesses actually advertised low tar is actually detected by machines results, this way when there are gaps on the mouthpiece into the drawbacks of reduced smoke content in the air, and in fact in the process of smoking cigarettes holder spaces is on lips wrapped, so Inhalation of the smoke concentration is much higher than the test concentration. Also, smokers of tobacco dependence is actually based on the content of nicotine,when the tar content reduction makes the smokers' pleasure of the slow, in the individual's smoking cessation awareness is not strong, there may lead to the increase in the amount of smokers get pleasure, so low tar "lies" can not control the total amount of tobacco harm to smokers. Finally, smoking cessation clinic is a scientific and reliable choice. Now a lot of people who give up smoking, Now many smokers, by going to smoking cessation clinic or telephone guidance to quit smoking, has successfully helped a lot of people quit smoking habits for many years. Studies have pointed out the risk of up to 10 years if smoking cessation, smokers suffering from lung cancer is only 1.9 times normal, and therefore scientific medicine to quit smoking is very necessary.

We now know that the 2 big lies about Marlboro cigarettes online, have you learned something useful knowledge?We are only concerned about their own health, through scientific quit smoking will be better lives, and will also greatly reduce the incidence of lung cancer. We should vigorously promote smoking cessation clinic, so that more people are aware of the benefits of quitting smoking Marlboro gold cigarettes, but also make social harmony.

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