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19 benefits of smoking Newport Menthol Cigarettes

19 benefits of smoking Newport Menthol Cigarettes

Smoking is really good? We all know that smoking is harmful to health, but why is there so much of the benefits of smoking Newport Menthol Cigarettes? I am also very curious, Now let's take a look at the benefits of smoking in the end. If the benefits are not reasonable, and not correct, we can mention it.

Here are 19 benefits of smoking Marlboro and Newport Cigarettes, we must take a serious look at them:1, People who smoke will always be young: because many people who smoke will get pneumonia, a lot of people died when they were young. 2, Smoking people always safe at home: because the people who smoke sleep in the middle of the night will not stop coughing, the thief heard that there are people in the home,then they wouldn't go into their house. 3, People who smoke will not be bitten by mosquito: because people who smoke all day in the smoke, mosquitoes are all killing. 4, people who smoke will not be bitten by the dog: because smoking is easy to stoop, the dog saw them, thought they are picking stones at them. 5, Use smoking to show off yourself: some people smoke, is in front of others to show themselves. Put out a box of beautiful decoration of high-grade cigarettes, took out a delicate lighters, that a point a cigarette dangling from the cigarette brand to make their own happy immensely proud of the state. 6, Increased nearly feelings: Smoking is entertaining social interaction. Nice to meet you, a cigarette express respect and courtesy to others, it is possible to shorten the distance heart to heart. 7, gregarious: influenced by colleagues, partners, imitate their behavior. Some people think that smoking people are generally more gregarious, less eccentric. 8, smoking to produce inspiration: Mark Twin said: almost all writers are "drug addicts". The smoke love life of artists, writers can if the stars, they inspired the smoke floating in nothingness indistinct, creating a piece of art treasures and masterpieces. 9, smoking to enjoy the "fragrant": because the smoke of the incense, taste good, people who smoke can enjoy this delicious. 10, smoking can regulate mood: smoking to solve problems. 11, smoking can pass the time: cigarette like a life partner, smokers often in unconscious, out of boredom lit cigarette. 12, To promote the enterprise's economic income, are good for plants and people. 13, anti-fatigue, anti-hunger, refreshing eye-catching 14, fend off the cold, especially in winter, the effect is obvious. 15, insect repellent, to avoid bites. 16, ease the embarrassing situation. 17, the only light in the dark of night without electricity. 18, a good tool for the point of firecrackers. 19, to cover the smell of the room.

We see so many of the benefits of smoking, there is no feeling very reasonable, anyway, I think it is very reasonable, although smoking is harmful to health, but also can not stop its light. If you agree with these smoking benefits, then give us a point like it! And we are here, you'll find super cheap Newport cigarettes and Marlboro Cigarettes.

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